England Trip | Phillips Family Session | 2015

I Knoew

I know you have been waiting for these for a while! It has honestly been a very busy month and a half since getting back from England. I’ve had so many new headshot clients now that I am the new photographer for SCSOPA students, and everyone was really just in a daze the first few weeks back anyway! So I am sorry to have taken this long to post, but here are the long over due photos of my brother-in-law and his family in England!


Ben and Becky-1 Ben and Becky-2

We got to spend our first few days in England with these guys, which was our first time meeting Becky and my new baby nephew Freddy!

Ben and Becky-4 Ben and Becky-5

I met Declan last year on our trip back to England, and it was so fantastic being his “American Auntie”! It’s weird being the cool foreign person!

Ben and Becky-6

And you know how T gets when a camera is around!

Ben and Becky-7

Ben and Becky-8 Ben and Becky-9 Ben and Becky-10

These pair are so great together, and it just makes me happy to see people in love, and people who have found their match, you know? It’s not an easy thing to do!

Ben and Becky-11

Ben and Becky-12 Ben and Becky-13

Freddy was taking a snooze on our walk, so naturally Teagan filled in for a bit…

Ben and Becky-14

But then the handsome fella woke up and we got to see those gorgeous blue eyes of his!

Ben and Becky-15 Ben and Becky-16 Ben and Becky-17

Ben and Becky-19

Ben and Becky-20  Ben and Becky-22

Ben and Becky-23

As a composite family ourselves, you might not see how beautiful this modge podge family is…but I know, because ours is too. And it’s a wonderful thing.

Ben and Becky-24 Ben and Becky-25  Ben and Becky-27

“I want to walk toward the camera too!” The ups and downs when photographing family…sometimes your own little ones are there too…and you know when mommy has a camera, she’s got to be taking pictures of you! ;0)

Ben and Becky-35

Ben and Becky-37 Ben and Becky-38

Ben and Becky-40 Ben and Becky-41

It was so great to see family again, and to meet new family members too. It would be such a joy to be able to make trips like this more often. But luckily I believe these guys will all be flying out to us over the summer! Expect another photo session when that happens!!


Glam Day | 2015





I had such a blast with this event. It was so much fun to get all of these beautiful women together and have champagne, and be pampered! It was everything I really wanted it to be. I was able to introduce my new studio. I got to learn a lot about the space myself (it was brand new to me as well!) And talk about a crash course in practicing studio photography…if you know my usual work, it is all outside, it is all natural light (well, so is my studio the way I set it up) and everyone just does their thing and I take photos! Posing was where I found I needed the most time to figure out for each person, because of the space, and the nature of the whole thing. But it was a blast! And check out all these gorgeous women!!

I couldn’t have possibly sorted this all out without the help of my favorite event coordinator and wedding planner; Tricia Dahlgren of Tricia Dahlgren Events

Glam Day~Tricia-5

And she was even a trooper and tried out one of my personal favorite props…what can I say? I love flowers in my hair, and I love a HUGE statement! ;0)

Glam Day~Tricia-3




Glam Day~Tricia-2

I had some great friends turn up to get their glam on and support the new brand:

Glam Day 2014~Tracey-4 Glam Day 2014~Tracey-3 Glam Day 2014~Tracey-1

Glam Day 2014~Courtney-4

Glam Day 2014~Courtney-2Glam Day 2014~Courtney-1Glam Day 2014~Courtney-3

And some a new friend who I’m lucky enough to call a neighbor as well!

Glam Day 2014~Christine-3 Glam Day 2014~Christine-1

And she even got fun and cooky with some props! I love the props!


Glam Day 2014~Christine-4


I think one of coolest things I got to do with this event, was take photos of a few of my friends that I have never photographed before! Not only were there great for coming out and supporting me, but it was just such a pleasure for me to get to do that!

Glam Day~Jane-3Glam Day~Jane-1

And of course my amazing and beautiful sister came out. And she rocked the glam, and stepped out of her comfort zone and let her make up artist give her a vibrant red lip! What’s more glamorous than that?? ;0)

Caitlyn Glam Day 2014-5Caitlyn Glam Day 2014-13

And my mother. My mom hates being in front of a camera (I can’t imagine why, seeing as she’s so gorgeous) and she REALLY hates having a lot of make up on. So when she got her photos back and told me that she actually loved them (and she wouldn’t say that if it weren’t true!) I was so glad. That made me so proud of the day!

Glam Day~Blue-5 Glam Day~Blue-3 Glam Day~Blue-2Glam Day~Blue-1




And I will have to say, that the highlight of the day was my aunt Amanda! My aunt is the keyboardist in the band The Psychedelic Furs. She lives in London, and she tours the world, and visits can be few and far between, so when she saw that Glam Day was while she was here in SoCal, she made the trip to the studio! And best of all…I think the only photo I know of of my mom and aunt together is a black and white photo of them as kids! (Mental note to find that and update this post at some point!)

Glam Day~Amanda-5 Glam Day~Amanda-2 Glam Day~Amanda-1

Glam Day~Blue-7 Glam Day~Blue-6

Another set of sisters came out to the event as well! There’s nothing more fun than photographing family. Especially when the relationship is so obvious through those photos!

Glam Day~Stacey-4 Glam Day~Stacey-3 Glam Day~Stacey-2

Glam Day~Gina-6 Glam Day~Gina-5

Glam Day~Gina-4 Glam Day~Gina-3 Glam Day~Gina-2

And I was thrilled to have a fellow SCV Photographer come out and take photos of the event for me! I can not wait to get those and share them with you guys. Especially because the whole day was what made this thing. It wasn’t all about the beautiful photos these women took with me, it was about getting together and getting pampered and feeling special. And I really think the whole event captured that. Even if I am saying so myself! ;0)

Glam Day~Devin-3 Glam Day~Devin-1

I also got to photograph a previous family session client, who is the mother of one of my daughter’s old classmates, AND being the amazing realtor she is, has been helping my sister to sell her place so she can move out here next to me! ;0) Not only is she amazingly beautiful, a talented realtor, but she also sells some amazing shawls, and ponchos, and wraps. Many of which are being worn by the women in these photos! And if you have any plans to move, or know anyone in the LA area who does then I’d check out her website: www.hilaryblaha.com Or even if you just want to get in touch with her about a beautiful wrap!

Glam Day 2014~Hilary-17Glam Day 2014~Hilary-14Glam Day 2014~Hilary-8Glam Day 2014~Hilary-1

Hilary (being the amazing SCV contact that she is…seriously, she never doesn’t know what’s going on up here!) she got me in touch with a friend who ended up being a contributor to one of our fantastic raffle baskets! She is a Rodan + Fields consultant and she donated this exfoliating paste-y thingy to one of the baskets, and she gave me a little sample of it too…man! talk about having smooth skin after! It felt so good! And come on! Check out her flawless skin! When she showed up to drop off the goodies I thought to myself “well, if that isn’t a clear indication that the stuff works, I don’t know what is!”

Glam Day 2014~Jessica-4Glam Day 2014~Jessica-3Glam Day 2014~Jessica-2Glam Day 2014~Jessica-1

And she let her neighbor know about the event, and it just really made me realize how important good clients and good friends are when you’re trying to get the word out!

Glam Day~Deborah-4 Glam Day~Deborah-3 Glam Day~Deborah-1

You might also see some familiar faces! I was pleased to be able to photograph this lovely momma again, she was one of my mini session clients this fall, and if you missed her and her adorable family, make sure to check them out here.

Glam Day 2014~Janet-4 Glam Day 2014~Janet-3 Glam Day 2014~Janet-1

And then we had even more fantastic contributors! We were even lucky enough to have some clothing and jewelry available to purchase at the event from Stella & Dot. I have to admit I did get a little carried away here!

Glam Day~Maritza-2 Glam Day~Maritza-1

And, I got to work with a fantastic harpist on creating a demo CD of her work, which I included in the Glam Bags everyone got to take home. She also played at the event, and let me tell you, not only is the music beautiful, but its such a beautiful instrument to look at! She is launching her website soon, but if you are looking for a show stopper for your next event make sure to get in touch with Kelley from Once Upon a Dream Harpist obannonkr@gmail.com

Glam Day 2014~Kelly-3 Glam Day 2014~Kelly-2 Glam Day 2014~Kelly-1

And of course! What would this event have been if not for our fabulous makeup artists! They worked so hard and they did such a great job getting everyone glammed up! I’ve worked with Nicole Lind before when we did a photo shoot at my grandmother’s senior living home. If you missed that post you can check it out here.

Glam Day~Nicole-4 Glam Day~Nicole-1

And this was my first time working with Jocelyn, but it was so great of her to come out and support the event and if you are looking for a makeup artist, you can get in touch with her at jocelynmakeup@icloud.com

Glam Day~Jocelyn-3 Glam Day~Jocelyn-1

We also had some fantastic contributors, some of which were not able to make it to the event themselves, but they did send goodies for the glam bags and raffle baskets!

Nathan Sklar provided a free chiropractic session with a massage!

Teresa Meredith sent some Jamberry goodies!

Christine Beaumont gave free Stroller Strides or Body Back classes!

Perfect Day Perfect Hair did all the ladies’ blow outs!

And I put tons of Young Living goodies in the bags and baskets!

I really hope to share with you the photos of the event itself sometime soon! So stay posted!

Annual Bundy Fall Session | Santa Clarita, CA




The Bundy Family!

Bundy Fall 2014-22

It has been my privilege over the past four years to photograph this beautiful family!

Bundy Fall 2014-43

Bundy Fall 2014-24Bundy Fall 2014-25Bundy Fall 2014-26Bundy Fall 2014-27Bundy Fall 2014-33

I have watched as these little ones have grown. My first session, in fact, was when Little Cayden was still in the womb! And it has been so fun seeing them each year as they grow, and change. That is one of my favorite things about my job. And the fact that my photography has captured them in each of those stages, each year. It just warms my heart! If you haven’t seen their previous sessions, or just want to go back for a little nostalgia you can see last year’s session here.

Bundy Fall 2014-21Bundy Fall 2014-23

Bundy Fall 2014-28Bundy Fall 2014-29Bundy Fall 2014-30Bundy Fall 2014-31Bundy Fall 2014-32

Bundy Fall 2014-34Bundy Fall 2014-35


The beautiful Devyn was the newest addition this year, and it was so great to see her again after taking her newborn photos earlier this year! You can see those here.

Bundy Fall 2014-36Bundy Fall 2014-37Bundy Fall 2014-38

Bundy Fall 2014-39Bundy Fall 2014-40

Bundy Fall 2014-41Bundy Fall 2014-42

Bundy Fall 2014-44Bundy Fall 2014-45Bundy Fall 2014-47Bundy Fall 2014-48Bundy Fall 2014-49

Bundy Fall 2014-46

These kids just warm my heart the way they love each other and look out for one another!


And this year, we did something a little different, we shot in the new studio as well! The Bundy family participated in my “First Five” promotion, and have been one of the first families to be photographed in the new studio!

Bundy Fall 2014-19

Bundy Fall 2014-3Bundy Fall 2014-10Bundy Fall 2014-1 Bundy Fall 2014-20Bundy Fall 2014-4

Bundy Fall 2014-6Bundy Fall 2014-5Bundy Fall 2014-2

Bundy Fall 2014-7

Bundy Fall 2014-8

These two are thick as thieves. Growing up with a sister I know the bickering and arguments involved, but I also know the amount of love possible, and these two have got it! So sweet!

Bundy Fall 2014-9

Bundy Fall 2014-12 Bundy Fall 2014-13 Bundy Fall 2014-14 Bundy Fall 2014-15 Bundy Fall 2014-16

Bundy Fall 2014-17Bundy Fall 2014-11

You guys are awesome, and I can’t wait to see what new things happen in the next year! ;0)


Fall Mini Sessions | Coryallyn Photography | Santa Clarita, CA

This Year’s mini sessions were so much fun! I had the pleasure of working with four beautiful families, and I hope to see them all again in the Spring! ;0)

My first session was with the Corso Family!







I met Meg through a mommy workout class out here in Santa Clarita called “Mama Wants Her Body Back”, and I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her and her beautiful family.

Corso Extras-4Corso Extras-3


















Their son Parker is such a cutie! I couldn’t get enough of his adorable smiles!



I even got to capture some photos of Parker’s Grandma, and let me tell you…he is pretty smitten with her!



This family had so much fun together, their smiles were contagious!


HIGH RES-6Corso Extras-6


I hope to see you guys again soon!


The next family I had the pleasure of working with was the Bohmeyer Family, and another Body Back mom!

Bohmeyer Fall 2014 _ EXTRAS-2Bohmeyer Fall 2014-9


These guys were so sweet and cuddly! And Cleo…oh goodness, those eyes! And she loved to look directly into the camera, as a photographer, with the little ones…there isn’t much more I can ask for!

Bohmeyer Fall 2014 _ EXTRAS-4

Bohmeyer Fall 2014 _ EXTRAS-5Bohmeyer Fall 2014-6

Bohmeyer Fall 2014 _ EXTRAS-9

Bohmeyer Fall 2014-4Bohmeyer Fall 2014-13


Bohmeyer Fall 2014 _ EXTRAS-6

Bohmeyer Fall 2014-2

Bohmeyer Fall 2014-5

They were so fun to work with because they were all about playing together and exploring! I love capturing those “candid” moments. That’s what lifestyle photography is really all about!


Bohmeyer Fall 2014-15

Bohmeyer Fall 2014-17

Bohmeyer Fall 2014-20

And Teagan is dying to have a playdate with little miss Cleo, so I am sure I will see you guys soon!

This next family has been seeing my photos of my sister and her family for a while now (Janet and Caitlyn worked together!) and I was so excited when I heard from Janet asking to do a mini session with me!

Gutierrez Fall 2014 -1

Gutierrez Fall 2014 -3Gutierrez Fall 2014 -4


Gutierrez Fall 2014 -5Gutierrez Fall 2014 -7

And Lucy! Her smiles were heart-melting! She was all smiles, the whole time. I don’t think she had a single fuss the entire time we were shooting!


Gutierrez Fall 2014 -9

Gutierrez Fall 2014 -10Gutierrez Fall 2014 -11


Gutierrez Fall 2014 -13

Gutierrez Fall 2014 -14

And I loved capturing this photo of Lucy and her little shark! I know that’s a picture she is going to be able to look back on and remember that special memento from when she was small.

Gutierrez Fall 2014 -16

Gutierrez Fall 2014 -20

Thanks so much for coming out you guys!

And of course I had my annual shoot with the Matsumotos!

Matsumoto Fall 2014-1

Matsumoto Fall 2014-2

Matsumoto Fall 2014-3

Matsumoto Fall 2014-4Matsumoto Fall 2014-5

What can I say about this amazing family that I haven’t said before?


Matsumoto Fall 2014-6Matsumoto Fall 2014-7


Matsumoto Fall 2014-8Matsumoto Fall 2014-9


Matsumoto Fall 2014-10Matsumoto Fall 2014-11

They’re so adorable, and so much fun to photograph!


Matsumoto Fall 2014-12

Matsumoto Fall 2014-13

Matsumoto Fall 2014-14

Sometimes you have to get creative when you want the little ones to look into the camera.

Matsumoto Fall 2014-15

And sometimes dads think it’s weird that I have to keep telling them to get in closer…closer…a little closer…yup! That’s where! ;0)

Matsumoto Fall 2014-16

Matsumoto Fall 2014-17

Matsumoto Fall 2014-18

Matsumoto Fall 2014-19Matsumoto Fall 2014-20


Matsumoto Fall 2014-21

Matsumoto Fall 2014-22

It was one of the first chilly days when we had our session. And I just loved this look, because it has been a long hot summer, and I think everyone is ready for some snuggly weather!

These guys also participated in my “First Five” in the studio. so we got some shots here first.

Matsumoto Fall 2014-23

Matsumoto Fall 2014-24

Matsumoto Fall 2014-25

Playing with princesses just comes with the territory when you hang out with your auntie and three girl cousins a lot! And yes, there will never be a lack of toys in the studio…the perks of having a home studio!

Matsumoto Fall 2014-26

Matsumoto Fall 2014-27

And this is another one of those shots I just love. Capturing memories, sentiments, and moments. So when you are old and grey you can look back at those pictures of time and remember.

What can I say, I have a bad memory. I think that’s what drew me to photography to begin with!

Matsumoto Fall 2014-28

This little man just happens to be helping me finish this blog post, he says hi! (Actually he usually says “ewwwww!”) ;0)

If you think these photos are as adorable as I do, make sure you like us over on the Facebook page to stay connected! http://www.facebook.com/coryallynphotography

See you guys soon!


Ladies’ Glam Day Launch Party | Coryallyn Photography

Well, the cat is slowly creeping out of the bag! Little Black Tulip Designs is going to branch off the photography side of things into it’s own separate entity! It is still a work in progress, but with the building out of my new photography studio/craft room I just could not wait to share the news with everyone!
And to celebrate I am having a launch party! It will be a ladies’ glam day, with hair and make up and all sorts of treats!
I had the vision of what I wanted to create so I could post a beautiful flyer to invite everyone. So I needed a model, my good friend Tricia (of Tricia Dahlgren Events )…


…offered to help me out and it was a fun (and funny) time!

And I am super pleased with how it turned out!

Ladies Glam Day Launch Party Invite

Of course we did not get this shot in one, so here is a little peak at how it happened!

Tricia-Studio-Glitter-17 Tricia-Studio-Glitter-18 Tricia-Studio-Glitter-19

It didn’t get quite enough spray for me so Tricia tried to get more…(she’s so sweet to let me post these!)


It was not fun having glitter blowing around in our faces, and this was not quite what we wanted. So I had my hubby come sprinkle some over head thinking she could blow less hard, but still get a lot of glitter in the shot…


It just did not move the right way…

So we thought, maybe if she threw it up a little before blowing…


Hahaha! This was my favorite “blooper”! But I knew we were going to get the shot!


So we tried a little more in her hands, she was nervous, but managed to relax and did a great job!


Gorgeous right?!

And little did Tricia know the “test shots” I was taking were pretty awesome too!

Tricia-Studio-Glitter-3 Tricia-Studio-Glitter-5 Tricia-Studio-Glitter-4

We obviously didn’t use the glitter background because it blended with her beautiful red hair so much, but these are still really nice!

Thanks again Tricia! And thank you for all your continued help making this Launch Party super awesome!!

I even had help cleaning up after…


(Still a lot of glitter in the studio!) ;0)

Corbyn 1 Year Photos | Santa Monica, CA

About a month ago now, this adorable little nephew of mine turned one-year-old! To document this awesome occasion we headed to the beach for some photos! I don’t know how he could survive it, but when we were done with the session my crazy brother-in-law actually went out and did some body surfing! Crazy man! But we caught some fun photos of that too!

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-1

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-2 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-3 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-4

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-5  Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-7

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-8 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-9

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-10

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-12 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-13

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-14  Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-16

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-17 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-18

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-19 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-20

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-21

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-22

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-23

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-24 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-25

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-26 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-27

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-28

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-29

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-30

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-31 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-32

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-33 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-34

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-35

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-36

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-37 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-38

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-39 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-40

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-41 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-42

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-43 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-44

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-45

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-46 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-47 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-48 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-49

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-50

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-51 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-52

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-53 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-54 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-55 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-56

Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-57 Corbyn 1 Year Watermarked-58

Congrats on one year down! So many more amazing ones to come!

Kelly and Jason | Wedding Photography | Riverside, CA

Alright! So this is coming to the blog later than planned, I was hit with a really severe sun burn, and have been completely out of commission for days! But here we are now! This intimate wedding was so sweet! The venue for the reception was so beautifully done, and the lighting in the room was so fantastic! I’m a photographer, you know we love our light ;0)

It took so much effort to get these to upload…no idea why, but I’m foregoing editing their order, etc, so I can FINALLY post them!

J&K Wedding Watermarked-64 J&K Wedding Watermarked-65 J&K Wedding Watermarked-66 J&K Wedding Watermarked-67 J&K Wedding Watermarked-68 J&K Wedding Watermarked-69 J&K Wedding Watermarked-70 J&K Wedding Watermarked-71 J&K Wedding Watermarked-72 J&K Wedding Watermarked-73 J&K Wedding Watermarked-74 J&K Wedding Watermarked-75 J&K Wedding Watermarked-76 J&K Wedding Watermarked-77 J&K Wedding Watermarked-78 J&K Wedding Watermarked-79 J&K Wedding Watermarked-80 J&K Wedding Watermarked-81 J&K Wedding Watermarked-82 J&K Wedding Watermarked-83 J&K Wedding Watermarked-84 J&K Wedding Watermarked-85 J&K Wedding Watermarked-86 J&K Wedding Watermarked-87 J&K Wedding Watermarked-88 J&K Wedding Watermarked-89 J&K Wedding Watermarked-90 J&K Wedding Watermarked-91 J&K Wedding Watermarked-92 J&K Wedding Watermarked-93 J&K Wedding Watermarked-94 J&K Wedding Watermarked-95 J&K Wedding Watermarked-96 J&K Wedding Watermarked-97 J&K Wedding Watermarked-98 J&K Wedding Watermarked-99 J&K Wedding Watermarked-100 J&K Wedding Watermarked-101 J&K Wedding Watermarked-102 J&K Wedding Watermarked-103 J&K Wedding Watermarked-104 J&K Wedding Watermarked-105 J&K Wedding Watermarked-106 J&K Wedding Watermarked-107J&K Wedding Watermarked-60 J&K Wedding Watermarked-61 J&K Wedding Watermarked-59 J&K Wedding Watermarked-58 J&K Wedding Watermarked-57 J&K Wedding Watermarked-56 J&K Wedding Watermarked-55 J&K Wedding Watermarked-54 J&K Wedding Watermarked-53 J&K Wedding Watermarked-52 J&K Wedding Watermarked-51 J&K Wedding Watermarked-50 J&K Wedding Watermarked-49 J&K Wedding Watermarked-48 J&K Wedding Watermarked-47 J&K Wedding Watermarked-46 J&K Wedding Watermarked-45 J&K Wedding Watermarked-44 J&K Wedding Watermarked-43 J&K Wedding Watermarked-42 J&K Wedding Watermarked-41 J&K Wedding Watermarked-40 J&K Wedding Watermarked-39 J&K Wedding Watermarked-38 J&K Wedding Watermarked-37 J&K Wedding Watermarked-36 J&K Wedding Watermarked-35 J&K Wedding Watermarked-34 J&K Wedding Watermarked-33 J&K Wedding Watermarked-32 J&K Wedding Watermarked-31 J&K Wedding Watermarked-30 J&K Wedding Watermarked-29 J&K Wedding Watermarked-28 J&K Wedding Watermarked-27 J&K Wedding Watermarked-26 J&K Wedding Watermarked-25 J&K Wedding Watermarked-24 J&K Wedding Watermarked-23 J&K Wedding Watermarked-22 J&K Wedding Watermarked-21 J&K Wedding Watermarked-20 J&K Wedding Watermarked-19 J&K Wedding Watermarked-18 J&K Wedding Watermarked-17 J&K Wedding Watermarked-16 J&K Wedding Watermarked-15 J&K Wedding Watermarked-12 J&K Wedding Watermarked-12 J&K Wedding Watermarked-11 J&K Wedding Watermarked-10 J&K Wedding Watermarked-9 J&K Wedding Watermarked-8 J&K Wedding Watermarked-7 J&K Wedding Watermarked-6 J&K Wedding Watermarked-5 J&K Wedding Watermarked-4 J&K Wedding Watermarked-3 J&K Wedding Watermarked-2 J&K Wedding Watermarked

Teacher Gifts | 2014

Last year I really went all out. If you have not seen the teacher baskets I made last year, check them out here. I absolutely loved these! I loved making them (even though it took me forever and was a lot of work), and the response was wonderful. I got personal phone calls from both of my girl’s teachers thanking me and raving. Got to love my intentions coming to life, I wanted to make them something they would love and that made them feel appreciated. Mission accomplished.

So this year I wanted to do the same. But it is very unlike me to do the exact same thing again. So instead of an apple theme, this year I thought peanut butter and jelly would be a cute and appropriate gift basket idea! So, to Pinterest I went, and I pinned, and I pinned, and I pinned…and I was pooped. I had so much going on the past few months, I honestly don’t know how I’m sitting here right now and not crying in my closet because after the completion of these baskets I have all of one day before I need to go, go, go again…and I need to clean up after myself from making the baskets…so really I don’t even have the time to go cry. BUT! I got them done. Not perfectly, not with all the lofty plans I had for them, and not nearly as amazing or extensive as last years, but stinking cute regardless. I love PB&J.

Let’s take a look!

Teacher Gifts 2014

I baked mini loaves of bread first…and they didn’t fit in the bags I had for them…So I made them their own bags!

Teacher Gifts 2014-2

Teacher Gifts 2014-3

I love anything in miniature!

Teacher Gifts 2014-2-2 Teacher Gifts 2014-3-2 Teacher Gifts 2014-4-2 Teacher Gifts 2014-5-2 Teacher Gifts 2014-21

These cookies were actually the basis for the whole basket. I saw them on Pinterest ages ago and they stuck in my head. And as some of you might know, I’m a bit of a theme whore. That’s my thing. I love a theme. So everything blossomed from there. Or maybe I should say “budded” because this was supposed to have a lot more in it! ;0) The cookies were actually a mix of a sugar cookie recipe that I used recently for my Lime in the Coconut Party and I just added a bunch of my homemade peanut butter to it. They were so good!!!

Teacher Gifts 2014-11

When I got my mini loaf pans I saw this day coming. I knew I wanted to make mini loafs of bread to go with tiny homemade peanut butter and jellies. And now that I’ve done it the small way, I feel like it would be a fun host gift to a mom: full loaf of bread and a large jar of each homemade peanut butter and jelly!


Teacher Gifts 2014-14

Then I saw these cool spatulas at Albertsons! (I was getting alcohol, if you’ve read some of my other blog posts you might know I am a Whole Foods girl all the way!) But now I think I need to buy them out so I have them to gift with the big loafs of bread. They don’t fit in the tiny jars…but that didn’t stop me!

Teacher Gifts 2014-13 Teacher Gifts 2014-12

They were supposed to go in the bag together…the mini loafs weren’t as mini as I thought!

Teacher Gifts 2014-6

Teacher Gifts 2014-10 Teacher Gifts 2014-7

Teacher Gifts 2014-9 Teacher Gifts 2014-8

And then I had to make some organic fruit snacks like I did last year…because let’s be honest, my kids live off of PB&J and fruit snacks! (And hot dogs…don’t judge!) ;0)

Teacher Gifts 2014-16

And you can not have peanut butter without something to wash it down with! So I took these awesome mini milk jugs (they are from organic and raw cream), you know how I like things in mini, remember?


The chocolate sauce I made to make the chocolate milk was SO easy! Easy, fast, and tastes fantastic! I’ll share it with you because I still have it on my phone next to me. I don’t always include recipes to the things I make and post about, mostly because I’m just posting things like this as a “journaling” type of thing, but I’m happy to share if anyone ever asks.

Easy Peasy Chocolate Sauce:

1/3 cup sugar

1 pinch salt

3 TBS water

2 TBS butter

1/4 cup cocoa powder

1. Put sugar, salt and water in a small saucepan and heat on medium until it boils. Stir occasionally to help dissolve the sugar.

2. Remove from heat and stir in butter until melted

3. Add cocoa powder and whisk until smooth and glossy!

See? Super easy! It makes maybe a cup, so it’s the kind of thing you could just put together to go with ice cream on family night or something!

Teacher Gifts 2014-15

My LA peeps may understand this, but I want to give you an idea of what raw milk tastes like. You know back in the day at the LA County Fair (the one in Pomona) when you could stand in a long line for a small jug of “Ice Cold Milk” and it was fifty cents? And there were two options. Chocolate and regular. I always got the regular. It was so amazing and creamy and tasted like…well, like milk. Nowadays you don’t generally see the line, the milk is something like $2.75 and it tastes like someone put a little “milk flavor” in water and added white food coloring. In fact, I’m not even sure they have then there anymore. I haven’t been in a few years. It used to come straight from the cow…now I’m sure it’s packaged from some plant that sucks their dairy cows dry while they get shot up with antibiotics, hormones, and stand in pools of their manure and pee, in a 2×2 cell.

That was a bit of an intense way to say I LOVE MILK! And these were so cute, and the chocolate milk was to die for!

Teacher Gifts 2014-4 Teacher Gifts 2014-5

Last year I included a picture of each of the girls to help the teacher remember them, they were holding an apple and they were SO adorable. So I wanted to keep up the tradition. The second one didn’t make the cut, partially because my darling Blue Bug decided to peel her nose raw, color on her face with something blue, and chop a bit of her hair off…all while changing into “something plain for the photo” (that’s what I asked her to do…she came down an absolute mess..) and I couldn’t photoshop that blue finger in the second one. Notice her “head tilt”? She was trying to hid the wonky side of her hair that she cut off…oy. Kids.

And unfortunately the Piglet was at her other mom’s and I was not prepared ahead of time to take the photo…so we didn’t get one of her. I might just take one anyway for us to have. There is leftover mini-loaf…but I will have to make more peanut butter, that stuff goes fast!

Teacher Gifts 2014-18Teacher Gifts 2014-19

Blue Bug signed her own card, and put the phonetic pronunciation of her name at the bottom. There was an Ava in class this year, and though my Eva is with an “e” they are both pronounced the same way…apparently there was a bit of…confusion. My poor baby, I did to her what my mom did to me. Oh well. She’ll get over it eventually. I almost have ;0)

Teacher Gifts 2014-20

Last year I also did a note to both the teachers, this year I only did the one because I did not want Khaia’s teacher not having something (because she was at her other mom’s when we got to this step…)

Teacher Gifts 2014-17

And here they are, the completed baskets! Even though I had so many big plans for these, and didn’t do even half of it…I stuffed the basket and I think they turned out really nicely!

I had to hand deliver them in the middle of the school day, because they were not ready to go in the morning. But they were received well! Now I just have to start coming up with ideas for next year! And if T-cup is in preschool it will be three baskets already!

What do you think I should do next year?

Gwyneth Olin | Headshots | Reseda, CA

This shoot was a combo headshot plus father/daughter session. It was really fun to take these photos at the Olin’s home. The Koi pond was absolutely amazing! Big enough to be a swimming pool, and the fish were massive! These two were so fun and full of life, it was an absolute pleasure to photograph them. And Gwyneth’s personality was meant for performing!

Gwyneth Watermarked-2  Gwyneth Watermarked-3

Gwyneth Watermarked-6  Gwyneth Watermarked-10

Gwyneth Watermarked-4 Gwyneth Watermarked-1Gwyneth Watermarked-5

Gwyneth Watermarked-8  Gwyneth Watermarked-7  Gwyneth Watermarked-9

Gwyneth Watermarked-11 Gwyneth Watermarked-12

Gwyneth Watermarked-13 Gwyneth Watermarked-14 Gwyneth Watermarked-15

Gwyneth Watermarked-16

Gwyneth Watermarked-17 Gwyneth Watermarked-18 Gwyneth Watermarked-19 Gwyneth Watermarked-20

Gwyneth Watermarked-21 Gwyneth Watermarked-22 Gwyneth Watermarked-23 Gwyneth Watermarked-24

Gwyneth Watermarked-25 Gwyneth Watermarked-26

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