Mommy Had A Little Lamb Invitations

Today I tasked myself with finishing the invitations for my daughter’s first birthday. In fact, it was supposed to be done yesterday, but I decided to get together with a friend and “talk shop” about her wedding next year. She wants to do it mostly DIY, and she knew I was the perfect person to turn to for help! We had some wine, went through magazines, and planned out some projects for the next time we get together! OOooo! So much fun. I live for this stuff. So I didn’t mind putting it off today. And thankfully I was able to get it all done today! That’s 26 invitations designed, printed, cut, assembled, paper bag envelopes made, hand addressed, stamped and return address labels cut and hand written!! Phew! Sounds like a lot. It was! Since it was such a feat to complete I thought I ought to share my finished product! Enjoy ;0)

These took the longest I’d say!

I found these awesome stamps on at the Verde Studio Etsy Shop, I contacted the woman and got a custom order made to match the theme of the party!

Here’s the whole completed set!

You can find the little lamb invitations available for DYI creation on my own Etsy shop!


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