Destiny Enriquez Quinceañera | Bellflower, CA

As a last minute referral from my sister, I had the pleasure of photographing this special milestone for Destiny. Destiny is a very talented softball player, and is on a team with my two nieces. After hearing that a previous photographer had unfortunately had to back out last minute, I was more than happy to fill in for my very first Quinceañera! Just about the only thing I knew about a quinceañera was that it was like a wedding and a sweet sixteen rolled into one. Turns out that was dead on! It was such a beautiful event and I was so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with this lovely young lady and her family!

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Destiny_99 Destiny_100



Destiny_128 Destiny_113


Destiny_123 Destiny_124


Destiny was very fun to work with, had a lot of laughs!

Destiny_153 Destiny_173

Destiny_158    Destiny_156Destiny_164cc


Destiny_6 Destiny_73  Destiny_9


Destiny_62    Destiny_63


Proud Parents!


Destiny_80 Destiny Destiny_66  Destiny_27




Destiny_37  Destiny_77

Destiny_231 Destiny_230 Destiny_229

Destiny_200 Destiny_199

Destiny_274 Destiny_268 Destiny_267


Destiny_270  Destiny_246Destiny_269


I’m ending with this beautiful door knocker from the birthday girl’s home, because it was just so beautiful!

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One thought on “Destiny Enriquez Quinceañera | Bellflower, CA

  1. Those were such beautiful photos. The black and white photo with Destiny and (who I assumed were) her parents was so heartwarming. ♡

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