Daniel and Christina | Engagement Session | Venice, CA

I was introduced to this lovely couple through a friend and client of mine, Monica Bundy. We had a couple rained out attempts to get their engagement session done, but we finally had the perfect weather. Only problem is everyone else thought so too! But we finally were all parked and took some great shots, I had a fight with the clouds for stealing my light away earlier than I would have liked. But all-in-all I had a great time, and am so excited to get a chance to capture their wedding in September! Enjoy!


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Delgado engagement_2 Delgado engagement_3 Delgado engagement_7 Delgado engagement_8 Delgado engagement_11 Delgado engagement_15Delgado engagement_12 Delgado engagement_14  Delgado engagement_16 Delgado engagement_17 Delgado engagement_18 Delgado engagement_19 Delgado engagement_20 Delgado engagement_21 Delgado engagement_23 Delgado engagement_25 Delgado engagement_27 Delgado engagement_29 Delgado engagement_32 Delgado engagement_33 Delgado engagement_35 Delgado engagement_36 Delgado engagement_37Delgado engagement_42 Delgado engagement_44 Delgado engagement_45 Delgado engagement_46 Delgado engagement_47 Delgado engagement_49 Delgado engagement_55 Delgado engagement_56 Delgado engagement_58 Delgado engagement_60 Delgado engagement_76 Delgado engagement_63 Delgado engagement_64 Delgado engagement_66 Delgado engagement_67 Delgado engagement_69 Delgado engagement_71 Delgado engagement_72 Delgado engagement_78 Delgado engagement_82 Delgado engagement_85 Delgado engagement_88 Delgado engagement_90 Delgado engagement_92 Delgado engagement_94 Delgado engagement_95 Delgado engagement_98 Delgado engagement_99


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