Jack of All Trades? Caricature Art | Carnival Bridal Shower

Most people who know me know…I do a lot of different things. I wear many hats, as some might say! At times it can make life feel hectic and crazy, and like there just isn’t enough time in the day! But it is who I am, and I’ve found I don’t want to change! So, that being said, my friends know most of the hats I wear. So when a coworker told my bestie Kira about a carnival bridal shower she was throwing, and that she wanted a caricature artist…guess who Kira suggested! Li’ ol’ me. That’s right. Now, you have to understand, I’m no pro. But I am absolutely OBSESSED with caricatures. And what do I tend to do when I’m totally in love with something? DIY. That’s right. I try to do it myself! That way I can have as much of it in my life as I want! So I dabble. But I showed the shower’s hostess some of my work and she was happy to have me create for the party! And here are the caricatures I did:



First up was the blushing bride-to-be!




Because of limited time I switched to “black and white” so we could get a few more in before quittin’ time!






I hope the guests were pleased and had fun being drawn! Such a great addition to a well themed party! And you know me, I love a good theme!


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