Matsumoto Maternity Session | Ventura, CA

The plan was for a post a day until I got caught up. But guess what happened?! This wonderful couple (my beautiful sister and her husband) had their baby!! So even though our little Corbyn Aash Kaiyo Matsumoto has already been welcomed into this world (those photos coming soon!) I am posting this maternity session so you can enjoy this beautiful belly, another nine months and six weeks before we get the next one?? ;0)

Cait Maternity-4 Cait Maternity-8

Cait Maternity-11 Cait Maternity-16

Cait Maternity-21

Cait Maternity-28

Cait Maternity-31 Cait Maternity-33

Cait Maternity-37

Cait Maternity-39 Cait Maternity-41

Cait Maternity-44 Cait Maternity-46

Cait Maternity-48

Cait Maternity-49 Cait Maternity-57

Cait Maternity-60 Cait Maternity-62

Cait Maternity-66

Cait Maternity-68 Cait Maternity-71

Cait Maternity-76 Cait Maternity-79

Cait Maternity-89

Cait Maternity-91 Cait Maternity-93

Cait Maternity-100 Cait Maternity-102

Cait Maternity-105

Cait Maternity-106

Cait Maternity-118

Cait Maternity-138 Cait Maternity-140

Cait Maternity


Congrats Caitlyn and Adrian!


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