Phillips Family Lemonade Stand Debut!

Ever since I was a little kid I have loved lemonade stands. And even though I have always been at least slightly crafty, and grew up in the same house, in the same neighborhood, for eighteen years of my life…I never got around to doing a lemonade stand. So, in true me-fashion, I decided it was high time my kiddos got the chance to do one!

I posted signs around the neighborhood (ran around in the sweltering heat tying them up on all the street corners!) and it seemed to do the trick! As far as lemonade stands go, we had a pretty decent turn out. Sure, about half of the people who showed up were strong-armed into coming because they are my beautiful and loving family, and I wanted the kids to be gauranted some customers! But we had more than a couple neighbors, and even some drive-bys that came just from seeing the signs I put on the main road…and the drive-ups didn’t even have kids, it was just adults wanting some delicious lemonade! It was a lot of fun though, the kids were so stoked, and so proud, and for those of us adults manning the station and cleaning up when the kids all had had enough…the home-made lemon cello sure did the trick to keep the spirits high in the super SoCal summer heat! ;0)

And here are some highlights from the day!

Lemonade Stand 7-13-33

Lemonade Stand 7-13-2

Lemonade Stand 7-13-3   Lemonade Stand 7-13-6  Lemonade Stand 7-13-8

Each girl had their own fancy vintage-style lemonade cup and the unlimited refills for the little worker-bees did dip into profits, I must say! ;0)

Lemonade Stand 7-13-11

Lemonade Stand 7-13-12  Lemonade Stand 7-13-14

Lemonade Stand 7-13-15


In case you didn’t know this part, all of our aprons were hand-made by yours truly! And I have such a manly-man husband that he wasn’t ashamed for one second to put his on and be proud to fit right in with all of his girls! That’s what I call being secure with your sexuality! (And loving your wife and family) ;0)

Lemonade Stand 7-13-16

And thanks to my brother-in-law there are some photos with me in them! It’s a rare treat!

Lemonade Stand 7-13-17


I got quite a few compliments on the menu sign (the chalkboard resting on the ground). That one was done by the ever-talented and wonderful sister of mine…I do realize I could use a bit more of her perfectionist tendencies for myself…I did the big top sign…and even missed a letter in squeezed! Oy…I’m going to work on that! (or just get her to do all the signs!)


Lemonade Stand 7-13-18Lemonade Stand 7-13-20

Lemonade Stand 7-13-19  Lemonade Stand 7-13-21

Lemonade Stand 7-13-23 Lemonade Stand 7-13-24

Lemonade Stand 7-13-25 Lemonade Stand 7-13-26

Lemonade Stand 7-13-28 Lemonade Stand 7-13-29

Lemonade Stand 7-13-30 Lemonade Stand 7-13-31

Lemonade Stand 7-13-32

Lemonade Stand 7-13


What an excellent day! Hopefully we get out there at least once more before the summer is up!


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