Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time a girl met her prince charming.

Three years ago today I met the man of my dreams. I might as well have wished upon a star, and had a fairy godmother grant me my wish, because my perfect person was sent to me. It is corny, and it’s very cheesy, but nevertheless, it was love at first site. I might have been scared, I had been hurt before, but there was a piece of my heart that instantly connected to his on that day. And whether or not you believe in fate, soul mates, or just dumb luck, that day was the luckiest day of my life.

Anyone who knows us is bound to know we have a couple matching tattoos. One of which is the coordinates to the place we met, exactly three years ago today. Nothing special. Just a Menchies on Ventura in Encino. But that day changed my life, and my life is richer and fuller and happier than it’s ever been, since that day on. And I know the happy is ever after ;0)


I have another tattoo, that less people might know about even though it’s on my collar bone. Most people just don’t know what it says, because it’s in Greek. For those of you that don’t know, it’s lyrics from a song and it says “take the pain out of love and love wont exist.” Sometimes people ask, and I tell them what it says, and they get this look, they don’t get it…and it takes too long to explain. For me the point is: there is pain in life. If you think there isn’t or there wont be pain, you are wrong. And the best part of love, the real kind, the kind of love that lasts, gets you through it. If you never knew pain, you would never know true love. You have to experience one, to truly experience the other. And I have felt pain in my life, and I can look back at those times and be grateful for the lessons they taught me, and for making me know love when I really found it.


When I think about my husband, and the way we are together, it truly feels like a fairytale. He is everything. He is kind, affectionate, passionate, smart and silly,


he puts up with and participates in all my crazy ideas

Lemonade Stand 7-13-15

he provides for us, he’s clean (that’s not as important to some…but man is it a plus!!),

he’s an amazing dad to all of our girls not just the ones that are his by blood


…did I mention he’s gorgeous?

leon (1 of 1)

Oh, and that accent! Hello?! Complete package. Call it maturity, or being raised right, maybe it’s because he’s English and those lot tend to be gentlemen?? Whatever the reason, he is so good to me. He treats me right. And what more can anyone ask for in love? And that’s what we have. Pure and unconditional love. Don’t get me wrong, our love story, our fairytale, isn’t without it’s dragons and scary witches. But of course even the most poisonous of apples, and the coldest of deaths, can be miraculously cured by true love’s kiss. And I believe that. Together we weather the storms and they always pass. No matter what comes at us we’re always able to get through it when we stick together, and when we focus on our love. And I know…I’m sounding like a real schmuck here. But I can’t help the fact that I feel so fortunate that I found one of the greats. And that he’s mine and he loves me. Three years may not be the longest period of time, in the grand scheme of things, but I feel as though I’ve known him forever. And I feel as though we met just yesterday. I also have no doubt in my mind that I will feel that way forever.

I’m sad because he’s not here (physically) to share this day with me. And my heart breaks a little every time he has to go away. But I just have to keep telling myself that when he gets back the world will be right again, and I will be whole.

This day deserves to be celebrated, and I will celebrate it every single year. This date, three years ago, was and will always be the best day of my life, because every day since has only gotten better and better, but I would never have gotten all these one thousand and ninety six days if it weren’t for that first.

I wouldn’t be a whole person without you my love, and I look forward to you being in my arms.


(photo credit for the first tattoo picture goes to Justin and Keary Weddings, the second is from We Heart Glamour)


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