Caitlyn and Adrian | Labor and Delivery

Family is such an amazing thing. And I am super blessed to have a pretty special one. And over the years I have become closer and closer with my older sister. Growing up we had our fights and our troubles, we “hated” each other, and couldn’t stand to do anything together. I was always trying to be just like her, and she was always hating it. But as we’ve grown up and matured, we’ve been able to form a really special bond. It’s one thing to have a best friend, but having a sister for a best friend? There’s nothing more special than that. So, when I found out that she was expecting her first baby…I was through the roof with excitement! I had my first when I was still pretty young, and then I inherited my amazing step-daughter (I would have had to be 15 when she was conceived if she were biologically mine), and I was still in my 20’s when I had my third daughter. As you can see, I wasn’t on trend with most of the young women my age, and the mothers of the kiddos the same age as my kids were in such different places in their lives that it made it hard for me to make mommy friends. Well, I’ve gotten distracted by those children of mine, and feel like I’ve gotten off topic. Therefore I will simply re-cap. I love my family, I LOVE my sister, and being around for her whole pregnancy, delivery and for the rest of her motherhood is just the most awesomely spectacular thing!

And since I’ve done quite too much boring “back-story” I’ll get straight to the point of this post! To share with you one of the best experiences of my life, that I was so lucky to be included in! Beautiful moments from the labor and delivery of my nephew, Corbyn Aash Kaiyo Matsumoto!

Cait Labor

Cait Labor-200

The very last “maternity” shot!

Cait Labor-176

Cait Labor-181

Cait Labor-180 

On the bottom part of the screen you can see how intense and close together her contractions were! But after an epidural things were calmer…

Cait Labor-186

 Cait Labor-190

Ice chips were enjoyed! Until…

Cait Labor-182

(Mostly my handiwork with filling out the sign!) The dumb thing wore off!! And I Couldn’t believe it because, even though I had started out not wanting an epidural with my first I only lasted 15 hours before giving up and getting one. And then with my second I thought I would try again, but after nine months of vomiting and sever back pain…I needed to not feel my back while trying to push my baby out! And considering it was all my fault that she didn’t want to try the natural way, (I personally forget being in all that pain, pregnancy amnesia, love it!) I felt so terrible that she had to go through almost the whole thing with no relief! My mom and I were both just giving each other helpless looks, and all Adrian could do was be that hand she needed to squeeze, and hold.

Cait Labor-194

Cait Labor-175 

 Cait Labor-199

Ready for baby!

Cait Labor-362

Cait Labor-372 

I can’t express how fortunate I feel that I was able to experience this with my sister.

Cait Labor-352  Cait Labor-361 

These photos are the most amazing and powerful photos I think I have ever taken…probably ever will take. My brother-in-law is one of the most “macho” men I know. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not a jerk, or sexist, or anything like that, but he’s very manly (I said that in my head in a “manly” voice…btw). And I have only seen his “eyes sweat” (as he calls it) twice in the 23 years I’ve known him. Once when he married my sister. And again in this moment. And luckily for me, he is so manly, and securely so, that he was ok with me sharing this moment with you. There’s nothing, in my opinion, manlier than being an amazing dad. And from the second Corbyn was born both of his parents were goners! Pure love.

Cait Labor-345

Cait Labor-308  Cait Labor-333  Cait Labor-320

  Cait Labor-151  Cait Labor-165   Cait Labor-163  Cait Labor-143

Cait Labor-20

Cait Labor-2

Cait Labor-222  Cait Labor-226 Cait Labor-254

Cait Labor-257 Cait Labor-261

Cait Labor-263 Cait Labor-268

Cait Labor-308 Cait Labor-320

Cait Labor-209

Cait Labor-207

Not only baby needs nourishment after a long delivery!

Cait Labor-206

Cait Labor-205

Then it was Daddy’s turn!

Cait Labor-136Cait Labor-120

Cait Labor-138

Cait Labor-117

Cait Labor-121

Cait Labor-114

Cait Labor-130

Cait Labor-70-2

Cait Labor-17

Cait Labor-7

Cait Labor-35

Cait Labor-45

Cait Labor-87Cait Labor-46

Cait Labor-94-2Cait Labor-97-2

This little man was also very popular! He had quite a few visitors!

Corbyn Hospital Visitors

And he had one super-fan visitor that couldn’t get enough of him!!

Cait Labor-76 Cait Labor-70  Cait Labor-79 Cait Labor-80

Cait Labor-91Cait Labor-57Cait Labor-82

Cait Labor-42

Cait Labor-102

Cait Labor-90-2Cait Labor-8-2

Cait Labor-12-2Cait Labor-10-2

Cait Labor-5-2

Cait Labor-89-2

  Cait Labor-93-2  Cait Labor-87-2 

And eventually it was time to go home…he wasn’t the biggest fan of being changed though…

Cait Labor-84-2

But momma calmed him right down!

Cait Labor-83-2 Cait Labor-82-2

Cait Labor-81-2 Cait Labor-80-2

Cait Labor-75-2

You see that beautiful necklace? I had never heard of a “push present” before…can you get retro-active push presents??

Cait Labor-74-2

Cait Labor-71-2 Cait Labor-54-2

Cait Labor-61-2

Cait Labor-67-2

Pappa got some GoPro video as we were leaving too!

Cait Labor-65-2

And on the swelteringly hot day it was, we waited in the lobby for pappa to bring the car around, we got quite a few people coming in and swooning over this little bean!

Cait Labor-56-2 Cait Labor-54-2 Cait Labor-58-2

Cait Labor-49-2

Cait Labor-44-2 Cait Labor-41-2

Cait Labor-39-2 Cait Labor-38-2 Cait Labor-35-2

Home sweet home!

Cait Labor-4-3 Cait Labor-3-4

And I of course had to sneak into the nursery and grab some shots of the adorableness there!!

Cait Labor-14-3 Cait Labor-15-2 Cait Labor-16-2 Cait Labor-18-2

Cait Labor-21-2 Cait Labor-23-2

Cait Labor-12-3

Cait Labor-13-3 Cait Labor-20-2

Cait Labor-25-2

Stay tuned for this little guy’s newborn session, hopefully coming to the blog tomorrow!


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