Delgado | Wedding | Eden Gardens, Moorpark, CA

A couple weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the Delgado wedding in Moorpark CA. Eden Gardens was a beautiful venue for a beautiful event! I had so much fun and am so excited to share these photos with you!

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Getting Ready-10

Getting Ready-18

Getting Ready-17Getting Ready-6

Getting Ready-8Getting Ready-9Getting Ready-7Getting Ready-5Getting Ready-2Getting Ready-4Getting Ready-1

Getting Ready-3Getting Ready-15

Getting Ready-12

Getting Ready-11 Getting Ready-13 Getting Ready-14 Getting Ready-16

items-1 Items-30Items-29 Items-28Items-27


Items-7 Items-10 Items-9 Items-8 Getting Ready-5-2 Getting Ready-4-2 Getting Ready-3-2

Getting Ready-7-2 Getting Ready-8-2

Doesn’t really matter how old you are, it’s still fun to pick each other up when wearing fancy dresses!


Bridal Party-10Items-12Items-16Items-17

Bridal Party-9Bridal Party-8Bridal Party-7

Bridal Party-11

Where’s mine??

Getting Ready-9-2

Bridal Party-15 Bridal Party-14 Bridal Party-12 Bridal Party-13 Getting Ready-6-2 Getting Ready-2-2 Getting Ready-1-2


Ceremony-17 Ceremony-15 Ceremony-16 Ceremony-14 Ceremony-12 Ceremony-13 Ceremony-11 Ceremony-10 Ceremony-8 Ceremony-9 Ceremony-7 Ceremony-6 Ceremony-5

Ceremony-4 Ceremony-3 Ceremony-2-2 Ceremony-1-4


Bridal Party-23

Bridal Party-22

Bridal Party-21 Bridal Party-16

Bridal Party-20 Bridal Party-19

Bridal Party-18 Bridal Party-17

Bridal Party-6

Bridal Party-5

Bridal Party-4

Bridal Party-3

Bridal Party-1 Bridal Party-2

Bride and Groom-7 Bride and Groom-6 Bride and Groom-5 Bride and Groom-4 Bride and Groom-3 Bride and Groom-2 Bride and Groom-1 Bride and Groom-1-2

Items-3 Items-4

Family-2 Family-1 Family-4 Family-3


Reception-19 Reception-18 Reception-17 Reception-16 Reception-8 Reception-7 Reception-6 Reception-5 Reception-4

Reception-10 Reception-9


Reception-11Reception-12 Reception-13Reception-15 Reception-1 Reception-3Reception-14

Congratulations you two!!


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