Navarro Wedding | Woodland Hills, CA | Backyard Wedding

Well, these photos took longer to post than expected! As usual I edited way more than I intended to, but with all the cuteness of this intimate backyard wedding, how could you blame me?

0001_DSC_3102  Navarro Wedding-59  Navarro Wedding-47  Navarro Wedding-38  Navarro Wedding-2 Navarro Wedding-16 Navarro Wedding-17 Navarro Wedding-18   Navarro Wedding-58 Navarro Wedding-37 Navarro Wedding-36  Navarro Wedding-48

Navarro Wedding-57 Navarro Wedding-56 Navarro Wedding-55 Navarro Wedding-54 Navarro Wedding-53 Navarro Wedding-52 Navarro Wedding-51 Navarro Wedding-50 Navarro Wedding-49 Navarro Wedding-46 Navarro Wedding-45

Navarro Wedding-46 Navarro Wedding-45 Navarro Wedding-44 Navarro Wedding-43 Navarro Wedding-42 Navarro Wedding-41 Navarro Wedding-40 Navarro Wedding-39

Navarro Wedding-35 Navarro Wedding-33 Navarro Wedding-32 Navarro Wedding-31 Navarro Wedding-30 Navarro Wedding-29 Navarro Wedding-28 Navarro Wedding-27 Navarro Wedding-26 Navarro Wedding-25 Navarro Wedding-24 Navarro Wedding-23 Navarro Wedding-22 Navarro Wedding-21 Navarro Wedding-20 Navarro Wedding-19

Navarro Wedding-15 Navarro Wedding-14 Navarro Wedding-13 Navarro Wedding-12 Navarro Wedding-11 Navarro Wedding-10 Navarro Wedding-9 Navarro Wedding-8 Navarro Wedding-7 Navarro Wedding-6 Navarro Wedding-5 Navarro Wedding-4

Navarro Wedding-3 Navarro Wedding-2-2 Navarro Wedding-1-2

(you know I can never resist the adorable little ones at weddings!)


Congrats you two! Family and friends to be notified when all the photos are available for viewing please sign in here!



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