Bundy Fall Session 2013 | William Hart Park, CA






I had so much fun (as I always do) shooting this fantastic family! I had such a hard time picking my favorites to share with you because I love them all so much!! But I did my best!



Bundy Fall-44 Bundy Fall-43 Bundy Fall-39 Bundy Fall-38 Bundy Fall-37 Bundy Fall-36 Bundy Fall-18 Bundy Fall-4 Bundy Fall-3-2 Bundy Fall-2 Bundy Fall-1

Bundy Fall-33 Bundy Fall-32 Bundy Fall-9 Bundy Fall-8 Bundy Fall-7 Bundy Fall-6 Bundy Fall-2-2 Bundy Fall-1-2


Bundy Fall-17 Bundy Fall-16 Bundy Fall-15 Bundy Fall-12 Bundy Fall-11 Bundy Fall-2-3


Bundy Fall-46 Bundy Fall-22 Bundy Fall-21 Bundy Fall-13 Bundy Fall-10


Bundy Fall-2-4Bundy Fall-1-7


Bundy Fall-42 Bundy Fall-45 Bundy Fall-41 Bundy Fall-34 Bundy Fall-20 Bundy Fall-19 Bundy Fall-14


Bundy Fall-40 Bundy Fall-35 Bundy Fall-29 Bundy Fall-28 Bundy Fall-23

Bundy Fall-27 Bundy Fall-26

Bundy Fall-31 Bundy Fall-30

Bundy Fall-25 Bundy Fall-24 Bundy Fall-5

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One thought on “Bundy Fall Session 2013 | William Hart Park, CA

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