Sunrise Senior Living | Valencia, CA

Every Sunday I visit my grandmother’s senior living home and I hold a “craft class”. It’s a lot of fun for me and I think it’s a lot of fun for the ladies (generally) that join in. Being as I am a photographer by profession and only a crafter by hobby, I have long wanted to do some photos of some of the women that I have the pleasure of crafting with each week. My grandmother will be 98 years old this coming April, and since taking a few weeks off of the craft class while my grandmother has been ill and in the hospital, I decided it was about darn time, and we needed to get these done! So, along with a couple helpers, and a wonderful makeup artist (Nicole Lind Beauty) who graciously donated her time to do this with me, we did a little pamper and photo shoot! Here are some of my favorites of these beautiful women!

Sunrise Glam Day-44 Sunrise Glam Day-41

My grandmother getting her makeup done.

Sunrise Glam Day-48 Sunrise Glam Day-47

Sunrise Glam Day-45

Sunrise Glam Day-50 Sunrise Glam Day-51

Always the performer! That’s what happens when you were a ballerina on Broadway!

Sunrise Glam Day-1

Sisters are so special! :0)

Sunrise Glam Day-40 Sunrise Glam Day-39

Sunrise Glam Day-38

Sunrise Glam Day-37  Sunrise Glam Day-35

Sunrise Glam Day-36

She doesn’t say much, but her winks say it all!

Sunrise Glam Day-24

Three generations! I was happy to capture this for them, lucky they were visiting this day!

Sunrise Glam Day-16

Sunrise Glam Day-15

Sunrise Glam Day-13

Sunrise Glam Day-19

Sunrise Glam Day-20

Finding love in a retirement home, it’s never too late to share your heart!

Sunrise Glam Day-31

Sunrise Glam Day-30 Sunrise Glam Day-29

Sunrise Glam Day-28

Sunrise Glam Day-26

Sunrise Glam Day-4 Sunrise Glam Day-2

And then we moved it outside!

Sunrise Glam Day-70

Sunrise Glam Day-85 Sunrise Glam Day-81 Sunrise Glam Day-77

Sunrise Glam Day-72

Sunrise Glam Day-60

Sunrise Glam Day-57 Sunrise Glam Day-55 Sunrise Glam Day-52

Grandma and the two youngest (of 9) great grand kids!

Sunrise Glam Day-65 Sunrise Glam Day-69 Sunrise Glam Day-67

Sunrise Glam Day-92

Ended with a nice little chat before dinner!

I had such a great time taking these photographs! I can’t wait to share them with the ladies and Sunrise!

A HUGE thank you to my helpers: Caitlyn (AKA Auntie KK), Tracey, Teagan and Corbyn!

And an extra special thank you to Nicole Lind for coming and making these beautiful women feel special and glamorous!


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