Andrew Chandler | Senior Session | Santa Clarita, CA

When Heather contacted me to do a Senior Session for her son, and to take some fun family photos like they used to do when he was younger, I was super excited! Heather used to work with my sister as a sign language interpreter and, because I have done quite a few photos for my sister over the past couple years, Heather had seen a lot of my work, and contacted me! And these two were so much fun to photograph, trucking through the dirty brush, falling in mole holes (at least I hope that’s what they were!), and being good sports when I told an 18-year-old young man to show his momma some affection! They were both great, and I love when you can see the love in the photos. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I have!

Heather Chandler-2

Heather Chandler-3 Heather Chandler-4

Heather Chandler-5

Heather Chandler-6 Heather Chandler-7

Heather Chandler-8 Heather Chandler-9 Heather Chandler-10 Heather Chandler-11

Heather Chandler-12 Heather Chandler-13

Heather Chandler-14 Heather Chandler-15

Heather Chandler-16

Heather Chandler-17 Heather Chandler-18


Heather Chandler-20

Heather Chandler-21

Heather Chandler-22 Heather Chandler-23


One of my favorites:

Heather Chandler-24

Heather Chandler-25 Heather Chandler-26 Heather Chandler-27

Heather Chandler-28 Heather Chandler-29

Heather Chandler-30 Heather Chandler-31 Heather Chandler-32 Heather Chandler-33 Heather Chandler-34

Heather Chandler-19 Heather Chandler

A big congrats to this young man, and his momma too! We all know who is truly behind the successes of their children ;0) To be notified when the rest of the photos are available for viewing please sign in here.


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