Gwyneth Olin | Headshots | Reseda, CA

This shoot was a combo headshot plus father/daughter session. It was really fun to take these photos at the Olin’s home. The Koi pond was absolutely amazing! Big enough to be a swimming pool, and the fish were massive! These two were so fun and full of life, it was an absolute pleasure to photograph them. And Gwyneth’s personality was meant for performing!

Gwyneth Watermarked-2  Gwyneth Watermarked-3

Gwyneth Watermarked-6  Gwyneth Watermarked-10

Gwyneth Watermarked-4 Gwyneth Watermarked-1Gwyneth Watermarked-5

Gwyneth Watermarked-8  Gwyneth Watermarked-7  Gwyneth Watermarked-9

Gwyneth Watermarked-11 Gwyneth Watermarked-12

Gwyneth Watermarked-13 Gwyneth Watermarked-14 Gwyneth Watermarked-15

Gwyneth Watermarked-16

Gwyneth Watermarked-17 Gwyneth Watermarked-18 Gwyneth Watermarked-19 Gwyneth Watermarked-20

Gwyneth Watermarked-21 Gwyneth Watermarked-22 Gwyneth Watermarked-23 Gwyneth Watermarked-24

Gwyneth Watermarked-25 Gwyneth Watermarked-26

Friends and family to be notified when the rest of the photos are available for viewing make sure to sign in here. Please include the event you are referencing.


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