Ladies’ Glam Day Launch Party | Coryallyn Photography

Well, the cat is slowly creeping out of the bag! Little Black Tulip Designs is going to branch off the photography side of things into it’s own separate entity! It is still a work in progress, but with the building out of my new photography studio/craft room I just could not wait to share the news with everyone!
And to celebrate I am having a launch party! It will be a ladies’ glam day, with hair and make up and all sorts of treats!
I had the vision of what I wanted to create so I could post a beautiful flyer to invite everyone. So I needed a model, my good friend Tricia (of Tricia Dahlgren Events )…


…offered to help me out and it was a fun (and funny) time!

And I am super pleased with how it turned out!

Ladies Glam Day Launch Party Invite

Of course we did not get this shot in one, so here is a little peak at how it happened!

Tricia-Studio-Glitter-17 Tricia-Studio-Glitter-18 Tricia-Studio-Glitter-19

It didn’t get quite enough spray for me so Tricia tried to get more…(she’s so sweet to let me post these!)


It was not fun having glitter blowing around in our faces, and this was not quite what we wanted. So I had my hubby come sprinkle some over head thinking she could blow less hard, but still get a lot of glitter in the shot…


It just did not move the right way…

So we thought, maybe if she threw it up a little before blowing…


Hahaha! This was my favorite “blooper”! But I knew we were going to get the shot!


So we tried a little more in her hands, she was nervous, but managed to relax and did a great job!


Gorgeous right?!

And little did Tricia know the “test shots” I was taking were pretty awesome too!

Tricia-Studio-Glitter-3 Tricia-Studio-Glitter-5 Tricia-Studio-Glitter-4

We obviously didn’t use the glitter background because it blended with her beautiful red hair so much, but these are still really nice!

Thanks again Tricia! And thank you for all your continued help making this Launch Party super awesome!!

I even had help cleaning up after…


(Still a lot of glitter in the studio!) ;0)


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