Fall Mini Sessions | Coryallyn Photography | Santa Clarita, CA

This Year’s mini sessions were so much fun! I had the pleasure of working with four beautiful families, and I hope to see them all again in the Spring! ;0)

My first session was with the Corso Family!







I met Meg through a mommy workout class out here in Santa Clarita called “Mama Wants Her Body Back”, and I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her and her beautiful family.

Corso Extras-4Corso Extras-3


















Their son Parker is such a cutie! I couldn’t get enough of his adorable smiles!



I even got to capture some photos of Parker’s Grandma, and let me tell you…he is pretty smitten with her!



This family had so much fun together, their smiles were contagious!


HIGH RES-6Corso Extras-6


I hope to see you guys again soon!


The next family I had the pleasure of working with was the Bohmeyer Family, and another Body Back mom!

Bohmeyer Fall 2014 _ EXTRAS-2Bohmeyer Fall 2014-9


These guys were so sweet and cuddly! And Cleo…oh goodness, those eyes! And she loved to look directly into the camera, as a photographer, with the little ones…there isn’t much more I can ask for!

Bohmeyer Fall 2014 _ EXTRAS-4

Bohmeyer Fall 2014 _ EXTRAS-5Bohmeyer Fall 2014-6

Bohmeyer Fall 2014 _ EXTRAS-9

Bohmeyer Fall 2014-4Bohmeyer Fall 2014-13


Bohmeyer Fall 2014 _ EXTRAS-6

Bohmeyer Fall 2014-2

Bohmeyer Fall 2014-5

They were so fun to work with because they were all about playing together and exploring! I love capturing those “candid” moments. That’s what lifestyle photography is really all about!


Bohmeyer Fall 2014-15

Bohmeyer Fall 2014-17

Bohmeyer Fall 2014-20

And Teagan is dying to have a playdate with little miss Cleo, so I am sure I will see you guys soon!

This next family has been seeing my photos of my sister and her family for a while now (Janet and Caitlyn worked together!) and I was so excited when I heard from Janet asking to do a mini session with me!

Gutierrez Fall 2014 -1

Gutierrez Fall 2014 -3Gutierrez Fall 2014 -4


Gutierrez Fall 2014 -5Gutierrez Fall 2014 -7

And Lucy! Her smiles were heart-melting! She was all smiles, the whole time. I don’t think she had a single fuss the entire time we were shooting!


Gutierrez Fall 2014 -9

Gutierrez Fall 2014 -10Gutierrez Fall 2014 -11


Gutierrez Fall 2014 -13

Gutierrez Fall 2014 -14

And I loved capturing this photo of Lucy and her little shark! I know that’s a picture she is going to be able to look back on and remember that special memento from when she was small.

Gutierrez Fall 2014 -16

Gutierrez Fall 2014 -20

Thanks so much for coming out you guys!

And of course I had my annual shoot with the Matsumotos!

Matsumoto Fall 2014-1

Matsumoto Fall 2014-2

Matsumoto Fall 2014-3

Matsumoto Fall 2014-4Matsumoto Fall 2014-5

What can I say about this amazing family that I haven’t said before?


Matsumoto Fall 2014-6Matsumoto Fall 2014-7


Matsumoto Fall 2014-8Matsumoto Fall 2014-9


Matsumoto Fall 2014-10Matsumoto Fall 2014-11

They’re so adorable, and so much fun to photograph!


Matsumoto Fall 2014-12

Matsumoto Fall 2014-13

Matsumoto Fall 2014-14

Sometimes you have to get creative when you want the little ones to look into the camera.

Matsumoto Fall 2014-15

And sometimes dads think it’s weird that I have to keep telling them to get in closer…closer…a little closer…yup! That’s where! ;0)

Matsumoto Fall 2014-16

Matsumoto Fall 2014-17

Matsumoto Fall 2014-18

Matsumoto Fall 2014-19Matsumoto Fall 2014-20


Matsumoto Fall 2014-21

Matsumoto Fall 2014-22

It was one of the first chilly days when we had our session. And I just loved this look, because it has been a long hot summer, and I think everyone is ready for some snuggly weather!

These guys also participated in my “First Five” in the studio. so we got some shots here first.

Matsumoto Fall 2014-23

Matsumoto Fall 2014-24

Matsumoto Fall 2014-25

Playing with princesses just comes with the territory when you hang out with your auntie and three girl cousins a lot! And yes, there will never be a lack of toys in the studio…the perks of having a home studio!

Matsumoto Fall 2014-26

Matsumoto Fall 2014-27

And this is another one of those shots I just love. Capturing memories, sentiments, and moments. So when you are old and grey you can look back at those pictures of time and remember.

What can I say, I have a bad memory. I think that’s what drew me to photography to begin with!

Matsumoto Fall 2014-28

This little man just happens to be helping me finish this blog post, he says hi! (Actually he usually says “ewwwww!”) ;0)

If you think these photos are as adorable as I do, make sure you like us over on the Facebook page to stay connected! http://www.facebook.com/coryallynphotography

See you guys soon!



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