Annual Bundy Fall Session | Santa Clarita, CA




The Bundy Family!

Bundy Fall 2014-22

It has been my privilege over the past four years to photograph this beautiful family!

Bundy Fall 2014-43

Bundy Fall 2014-24Bundy Fall 2014-25Bundy Fall 2014-26Bundy Fall 2014-27Bundy Fall 2014-33

I have watched as these little ones have grown. My first session, in fact, was when Little Cayden was still in the womb! And it has been so fun seeing them each year as they grow, and change. That is one of my favorite things about my job. And the fact that my photography has captured them in each of those stages, each year. It just warms my heart! If you haven’t seen their previous sessions, or just want to go back for a little nostalgia you can see last year’s session here.

Bundy Fall 2014-21Bundy Fall 2014-23

Bundy Fall 2014-28Bundy Fall 2014-29Bundy Fall 2014-30Bundy Fall 2014-31Bundy Fall 2014-32

Bundy Fall 2014-34Bundy Fall 2014-35


The beautiful Devyn was the newest addition this year, and it was so great to see her again after taking her newborn photos earlier this year! You can see those here.

Bundy Fall 2014-36Bundy Fall 2014-37Bundy Fall 2014-38

Bundy Fall 2014-39Bundy Fall 2014-40

Bundy Fall 2014-41Bundy Fall 2014-42

Bundy Fall 2014-44Bundy Fall 2014-45Bundy Fall 2014-47Bundy Fall 2014-48Bundy Fall 2014-49

Bundy Fall 2014-46

These kids just warm my heart the way they love each other and look out for one another!


And this year, we did something a little different, we shot in the new studio as well! The Bundy family participated in my “First Five” promotion, and have been one of the first families to be photographed in the new studio!

Bundy Fall 2014-19

Bundy Fall 2014-3Bundy Fall 2014-10Bundy Fall 2014-1 Bundy Fall 2014-20Bundy Fall 2014-4

Bundy Fall 2014-6Bundy Fall 2014-5Bundy Fall 2014-2

Bundy Fall 2014-7

Bundy Fall 2014-8

These two are thick as thieves. Growing up with a sister I know the bickering and arguments involved, but I also know the amount of love possible, and these two have got it! So sweet!

Bundy Fall 2014-9

Bundy Fall 2014-12 Bundy Fall 2014-13 Bundy Fall 2014-14 Bundy Fall 2014-15 Bundy Fall 2014-16

Bundy Fall 2014-17Bundy Fall 2014-11

You guys are awesome, and I can’t wait to see what new things happen in the next year! ;0)



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