England Trip | Phillips Family Session | 2015

I Knoew

I know you have been waiting for these for a while! It has honestly been a very busy month and a half since getting back from England. I’ve had so many new headshot clients now that I am the new photographer for SCSOPA students, and everyone was really just in a daze the first few weeks back anyway! So I am sorry to have taken this long to post, but here are the long over due photos of my brother-in-law and his family in England!


Ben and Becky-1 Ben and Becky-2

We got to spend our first few days in England with these guys, which was our first time meeting Becky and my new baby nephew Freddy!

Ben and Becky-4 Ben and Becky-5

I met Declan last year on our trip back to England, and it was so fantastic being his “American Auntie”! It’s weird being the cool foreign person!

Ben and Becky-6

And you know how T gets when a camera is around!

Ben and Becky-7

Ben and Becky-8 Ben and Becky-9 Ben and Becky-10

These pair are so great together, and it just makes me happy to see people in love, and people who have found their match, you know? It’s not an easy thing to do!

Ben and Becky-11

Ben and Becky-12 Ben and Becky-13

Freddy was taking a snooze on our walk, so naturally Teagan filled in for a bit…

Ben and Becky-14

But then the handsome fella woke up and we got to see those gorgeous blue eyes of his!

Ben and Becky-15 Ben and Becky-16 Ben and Becky-17

Ben and Becky-19

Ben and Becky-20  Ben and Becky-22

Ben and Becky-23

As a composite family ourselves, you might not see how beautiful this modge podge family is…but I know, because ours is too. And it’s a wonderful thing.

Ben and Becky-24 Ben and Becky-25  Ben and Becky-27

“I want to walk toward the camera too!” The ups and downs when photographing family…sometimes your own little ones are there too…and you know when mommy has a camera, she’s got to be taking pictures of you! ;0)

Ben and Becky-35

Ben and Becky-37 Ben and Becky-38

Ben and Becky-40 Ben and Becky-41

It was so great to see family again, and to meet new family members too. It would be such a joy to be able to make trips like this more often. But luckily I believe these guys will all be flying out to us over the summer! Expect another photo session when that happens!!


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