Glam Day | 2015





I had such a blast with this event. It was so much fun to get all of these beautiful women together and have champagne, and be pampered! It was everything I really wanted it to be. I was able to introduce my new studio. I got to learn a lot about the space myself (it was brand new to me as well!) And talk about a crash course in practicing studio photography…if you know my usual work, it is all outside, it is all natural light (well, so is my studio the way I set it up) and everyone just does their thing and I take photos! Posing was where I found I needed the most time to figure out for each person, because of the space, and the nature of the whole thing. But it was a blast! And check out all these gorgeous women!!

I couldn’t have possibly sorted this all out without the help of my favorite event coordinator and wedding planner; Tricia Dahlgren of Tricia Dahlgren Events

Glam Day~Tricia-5

And she was even a trooper and tried out one of my personal favorite props…what can I say? I love flowers in my hair, and I love a HUGE statement! ;0)

Glam Day~Tricia-3




Glam Day~Tricia-2

I had some great friends turn up to get their glam on and support the new brand:

Glam Day 2014~Tracey-4 Glam Day 2014~Tracey-3 Glam Day 2014~Tracey-1

Glam Day 2014~Courtney-4

Glam Day 2014~Courtney-2Glam Day 2014~Courtney-1Glam Day 2014~Courtney-3

And some a new friend who I’m lucky enough to call a neighbor as well!

Glam Day 2014~Christine-3 Glam Day 2014~Christine-1

And she even got fun and cooky with some props! I love the props!


Glam Day 2014~Christine-4


I think one of coolest things I got to do with this event, was take photos of a few of my friends that I have never photographed before! Not only were there great for coming out and supporting me, but it was just such a pleasure for me to get to do that!

Glam Day~Jane-3Glam Day~Jane-1

And of course my amazing and beautiful sister came out. And she rocked the glam, and stepped out of her comfort zone and let her make up artist give her a vibrant red lip! What’s more glamorous than that?? ;0)

Caitlyn Glam Day 2014-5Caitlyn Glam Day 2014-13

And my mother. My mom hates being in front of a camera (I can’t imagine why, seeing as she’s so gorgeous) and she REALLY hates having a lot of make up on. So when she got her photos back and told me that she actually loved them (and she wouldn’t say that if it weren’t true!) I was so glad. That made me so proud of the day!

Glam Day~Blue-5 Glam Day~Blue-3 Glam Day~Blue-2Glam Day~Blue-1




And I will have to say, that the highlight of the day was my aunt Amanda! My aunt is the keyboardist in the band The Psychedelic Furs. She lives in London, and she tours the world, and visits can be few and far between, so when she saw that Glam Day was while she was here in SoCal, she made the trip to the studio! And best of all…I think the only photo I know of of my mom and aunt together is a black and white photo of them as kids! (Mental note to find that and update this post at some point!)

Glam Day~Amanda-5 Glam Day~Amanda-2 Glam Day~Amanda-1

Glam Day~Blue-7 Glam Day~Blue-6

Another set of sisters came out to the event as well! There’s nothing more fun than photographing family. Especially when the relationship is so obvious through those photos!

Glam Day~Stacey-4 Glam Day~Stacey-3 Glam Day~Stacey-2

Glam Day~Gina-6 Glam Day~Gina-5

Glam Day~Gina-4 Glam Day~Gina-3 Glam Day~Gina-2

And I was thrilled to have a fellow SCV Photographer come out and take photos of the event for me! I can not wait to get those and share them with you guys. Especially because the whole day was what made this thing. It wasn’t all about the beautiful photos these women took with me, it was about getting together and getting pampered and feeling special. And I really think the whole event captured that. Even if I am saying so myself! ;0)

Glam Day~Devin-3 Glam Day~Devin-1

I also got to photograph a previous family session client, who is the mother of one of my daughter’s old classmates, AND being the amazing realtor she is, has been helping my sister to sell her place so she can move out here next to me! ;0) Not only is she amazingly beautiful, a talented realtor, but she also sells some amazing shawls, and ponchos, and wraps. Many of which are being worn by the women in these photos! And if you have any plans to move, or know anyone in the LA area who does then I’d check out her website: Or even if you just want to get in touch with her about a beautiful wrap!

Glam Day 2014~Hilary-17Glam Day 2014~Hilary-14Glam Day 2014~Hilary-8Glam Day 2014~Hilary-1

Hilary (being the amazing SCV contact that she is…seriously, she never doesn’t know what’s going on up here!) she got me in touch with a friend who ended up being a contributor to one of our fantastic raffle baskets! She is a Rodan + Fields consultant and she donated this exfoliating paste-y thingy to one of the baskets, and she gave me a little sample of it too…man! talk about having smooth skin after! It felt so good! And come on! Check out her flawless skin! When she showed up to drop off the goodies I thought to myself “well, if that isn’t a clear indication that the stuff works, I don’t know what is!”

Glam Day 2014~Jessica-4Glam Day 2014~Jessica-3Glam Day 2014~Jessica-2Glam Day 2014~Jessica-1

And she let her neighbor know about the event, and it just really made me realize how important good clients and good friends are when you’re trying to get the word out!

Glam Day~Deborah-4 Glam Day~Deborah-3 Glam Day~Deborah-1

You might also see some familiar faces! I was pleased to be able to photograph this lovely momma again, she was one of my mini session clients this fall, and if you missed her and her adorable family, make sure to check them out here.

Glam Day 2014~Janet-4 Glam Day 2014~Janet-3 Glam Day 2014~Janet-1

And then we had even more fantastic contributors! We were even lucky enough to have some clothing and jewelry available to purchase at the event from Stella & Dot. I have to admit I did get a little carried away here!

Glam Day~Maritza-2 Glam Day~Maritza-1

And, I got to work with a fantastic harpist on creating a demo CD of her work, which I included in the Glam Bags everyone got to take home. She also played at the event, and let me tell you, not only is the music beautiful, but its such a beautiful instrument to look at! She is launching her website soon, but if you are looking for a show stopper for your next event make sure to get in touch with Kelley from Once Upon a Dream Harpist

Glam Day 2014~Kelly-3 Glam Day 2014~Kelly-2 Glam Day 2014~Kelly-1

And of course! What would this event have been if not for our fabulous makeup artists! They worked so hard and they did such a great job getting everyone glammed up! I’ve worked with Nicole Lind before when we did a photo shoot at my grandmother’s senior living home. If you missed that post you can check it out here.

Glam Day~Nicole-4 Glam Day~Nicole-1

And this was my first time working with Jocelyn, but it was so great of her to come out and support the event and if you are looking for a makeup artist, you can get in touch with her at

Glam Day~Jocelyn-3 Glam Day~Jocelyn-1

We also had some fantastic contributors, some of which were not able to make it to the event themselves, but they did send goodies for the glam bags and raffle baskets!

Nathan Sklar provided a free chiropractic session with a massage!

Teresa Meredith sent some Jamberry goodies!

Christine Beaumont gave free Stroller Strides or Body Back classes!

Perfect Day Perfect Hair did all the ladies’ blow outs!

And I put tons of Young Living goodies in the bags and baskets!

I really hope to share with you the photos of the event itself sometime soon! So stay posted!


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