Andrew Chandler | Senior Session | Santa Clarita, CA

When Heather contacted me to do a Senior Session for her son, and to take some fun family photos like they used to do when he was younger, I was super excited! Heather used to work with my sister as a sign language interpreter and, because I have done quite a few photos for my sister over the past couple years, Heather had seen a lot of my work, and contacted me! And these two were so much fun to photograph, trucking through the dirty brush, falling in mole holes (at least I hope that’s what they were!), and being good sports when I told an 18-year-old young man to show his momma some affection! They were both great, and I love when you can see the love in the photos. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I have!

Heather Chandler-2

Heather Chandler-3 Heather Chandler-4

Heather Chandler-5

Heather Chandler-6 Heather Chandler-7

Heather Chandler-8 Heather Chandler-9 Heather Chandler-10 Heather Chandler-11

Heather Chandler-12 Heather Chandler-13

Heather Chandler-14 Heather Chandler-15

Heather Chandler-16

Heather Chandler-17 Heather Chandler-18


Heather Chandler-20

Heather Chandler-21

Heather Chandler-22 Heather Chandler-23


One of my favorites:

Heather Chandler-24

Heather Chandler-25 Heather Chandler-26 Heather Chandler-27

Heather Chandler-28 Heather Chandler-29

Heather Chandler-30 Heather Chandler-31 Heather Chandler-32 Heather Chandler-33 Heather Chandler-34

Heather Chandler-19 Heather Chandler

A big congrats to this young man, and his momma too! We all know who is truly behind the successes of their children ;0) To be notified when the rest of the photos are available for viewing please sign in here.


Devyn Maia | Newborn Session

This little cutie made a surprise appearance earlier than expected! After she was able to go home (little premie trooper had to stay in the hospital for a little while) I got to go check out her fantastic nursery and take some newborn photos of her! She was super interested the whole time and didn’t want to miss a second! Meet Devyn Maia!

Devyn Newborn to Blog-2

Devyn Newborn to Blog-3 Devyn Newborn to Blog-4

Devyn Newborn to Blog-5

Devyn Newborn to Blog-6

Devyn Newborn to Blog-7 Devyn Newborn to Blog-8

Devyn Newborn to Blog-9

Devyn Newborn to Blog-10 Devyn Newborn to Blog-11

Devyn Newborn to Blog-12 Devyn Newborn to Blog-13

Devyn Newborn to Blog-14

Devyn Newborn to Blog-15

Devyn Newborn to Blog-16

Devyn Newborn to Blog-17 Devyn Newborn to Blog-18

Devyn Newborn to Blog-19 Devyn Newborn to Blog-20

Devyn Newborn to Blog-21 Devyn Newborn to Blog-22 Devyn Newborn to Blog-23

Devyn Newborn to Blog-24

Devyn Newborn to Blog-25 Devyn Newborn to Blog-26

Devyn Newborn to Blog-27 Devyn Newborn to Blog-28

Devyn Newborn to Blog-29 Devyn Newborn to Blog-30 Devyn Newborn to Blog-31 Devyn Newborn to Blog-32

Devyn Newborn-1     Devyn Newborn to Blog-1

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Sunrise Senior Living | Valencia, CA

Every Sunday I visit my grandmother’s senior living home and I hold a “craft class”. It’s a lot of fun for me and I think it’s a lot of fun for the ladies (generally) that join in. Being as I am a photographer by profession and only a crafter by hobby, I have long wanted to do some photos of some of the women that I have the pleasure of crafting with each week. My grandmother will be 98 years old this coming April, and since taking a few weeks off of the craft class while my grandmother has been ill and in the hospital, I decided it was about darn time, and we needed to get these done! So, along with a couple helpers, and a wonderful makeup artist (Nicole Lind Beauty) who graciously donated her time to do this with me, we did a little pamper and photo shoot! Here are some of my favorites of these beautiful women!

Sunrise Glam Day-44 Sunrise Glam Day-41

My grandmother getting her makeup done.

Sunrise Glam Day-48 Sunrise Glam Day-47

Sunrise Glam Day-45

Sunrise Glam Day-50 Sunrise Glam Day-51

Always the performer! That’s what happens when you were a ballerina on Broadway!

Sunrise Glam Day-1

Sisters are so special! :0)

Sunrise Glam Day-40 Sunrise Glam Day-39

Sunrise Glam Day-38

Sunrise Glam Day-37  Sunrise Glam Day-35

Sunrise Glam Day-36

She doesn’t say much, but her winks say it all!

Sunrise Glam Day-24

Three generations! I was happy to capture this for them, lucky they were visiting this day!

Sunrise Glam Day-16

Sunrise Glam Day-15

Sunrise Glam Day-13

Sunrise Glam Day-19

Sunrise Glam Day-20

Finding love in a retirement home, it’s never too late to share your heart!

Sunrise Glam Day-31

Sunrise Glam Day-30 Sunrise Glam Day-29

Sunrise Glam Day-28

Sunrise Glam Day-26

Sunrise Glam Day-4 Sunrise Glam Day-2

And then we moved it outside!

Sunrise Glam Day-70

Sunrise Glam Day-85 Sunrise Glam Day-81 Sunrise Glam Day-77

Sunrise Glam Day-72

Sunrise Glam Day-60

Sunrise Glam Day-57 Sunrise Glam Day-55 Sunrise Glam Day-52

Grandma and the two youngest (of 9) great grand kids!

Sunrise Glam Day-65 Sunrise Glam Day-69 Sunrise Glam Day-67

Sunrise Glam Day-92

Ended with a nice little chat before dinner!

I had such a great time taking these photographs! I can’t wait to share them with the ladies and Sunrise!

A HUGE thank you to my helpers: Caitlyn (AKA Auntie KK), Tracey, Teagan and Corbyn!

And an extra special thank you to Nicole Lind for coming and making these beautiful women feel special and glamorous!

Make-Up Case Upcycled

So, I tend to do a lot of crafting. Generally it’s just things I have seen that I like and don’t want to pay for, so I try and do it myself. And with the amazing invention of Pinterest the possibilities are endless!

The amount of “crafting” that I do it almost endless. I don’t think I spend a single day not working on one project or another. And yes, I have an etsy shop but considering the fact that I spend most of my time crafting for personal projects…I just can’t build it up the way I would like. I make sales, and it’s fun…but it certainly isn’t a business for me. All of that being said, as a photographer I love taking photos of pretty much everything in my life. And I have thousands of unedited photos of nothing in particular, of things that interest no one but me, of blurry photos of my kids that I can’t being myself to delete. I hoard photos. And among those photos are my attempts at tutorializing (spellcheck says that’s not a word…but I like it so I say it is.) some of the projects I have done. Well…a tutorial requires not only photos being taken but directions to accompany them. So I haven’t really gotten around to that. But the most recent project I did (inspired by this tutorial…and while searching for that link for you guys I noticed this one too that I’m going to have to check out! You have to scroll down to find it, but it’s there.) doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation.

So here I am, my very first “tutorial”!

Makeup Case Upcycle

I got this case from the antique mall here in Santa Clarita. Most people don’t know this about me…but I am obsessed with baskets and cases/suitcases. This project attempt was only a jumping-off point for future projects of it’s kind. But this is how I got it, it was about $30, can’t remember exactly, but as you can see it wasn’t in the best shape. (Don’t get me wrong…I’ve totally been using it in this condition for about a year now!)

Makeup Case Upcycle-2

So first things first, I had to rip the existing parts out. It’s funny how it still had that “old lady” smell to it. You know, the floral perfume and talcum powder smell? No? Just me? Reminds me of my Bubba.

Makeup Case Upcycle-3

Then I chose my organic fabric I wanted to cover it with. (Ordered it here LOVE the “oatmeal linen”), Sketched out what I planned on doing, and removed the hardware…AKA the handle.

Makeup Case Upcycle-5

And here is why I haven’t done tutorials…I didn’t really take pictures of the whole process, but first I used some good ol’ PVA glue (elmer’s glue) and glued the oatmeal linen all around the outside. I tried shoving the fabric into the space between the metal band and the base, but it wasn’t a perfect science, so I added the white rope with fabric glue (because I figured it was fabric on fabric and maybe would hold better? I’m no expert.)



Makeup Case Upcycle-11


I then painted the handle and noticed a band around the top of the bottom section and coordinated those colors. I later modge podged the handle as well because it already started to chip, and I’m hoping that will help keep it from coming off. I was dumb enough to put the handle back on before I was finished and it got beaten up during the construction of the inside.



Makeup Case Upcycle-10

The inside was so much harder than expected. I sewed it all together first, like an inside lining to a purse, and made the tops of the pockets elastic…because that’s how the original was…but then because of that the fabric wasn’t staying the right shape during dry time. So I used some clamps to keep it in place…but later found the PVA glue wasn’t going to cut it. So I turned to my E6000 to get it to stay.



Makeup Case Upcycle-6

The mirror was a challenge too. I knew I wanted it to be able to come out as it could in the original design…but again there was the issue with the elastic pulling the fabric. I’ll have to figure out an alternative for future projects, but E6000 and having the mirror in (to stretch the elastic) did the trick. (Ignore the disaster behind my craft table…my craft room is half the garage.)

Makeup Case Upcycle-7 Makeup Case Upcycle-8

And viola! A perdy new case. And it matches my organic Apple&Bee case that I found at Whole Foods!

Makeup Case Upcycle-9

And it’s ready to go to Vegas with me!

Matsumoto Fall Family Session | Santa Clarita, CA

It’s been such a pleasure watching this little family grow. I feel very fortunate that I am so close with my sister, and I get to be there not only to document her and her growing family’s lives, but to actually participate in so much of it! But I love to go through old photo sessions and see the progression of my sister’s life! That’s the dream for a photographer, at least for me. The ideal client is the one that you get to photograph all stages of! Engagement, wedding, maternity, baby, family…and everything in between!! ;0)


Matumoto Fall 2013-W-2 Matumoto Fall 2013-W-3 Matumoto Fall 2013-W-4

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-5 Matumoto Fall 2013-W-6

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-7

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-8

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-9 Matumoto Fall 2013-W-10

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-11 Matumoto Fall 2013-W-12

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-13 Matumoto Fall 2013-W-14

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-15 Matumoto Fall 2013-W-16

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-17 Matumoto Fall 2013-W-18

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-19

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-20 Matumoto Fall 2013-W-21

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-22

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-23 Matumoto Fall 2013-W-24

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-25 Matumoto Fall 2013-W-26

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-27 Matumoto Fall 2013-W-28

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-29

Matumoto Fall 2013-W-30

Matumoto Fall 2013-W

Stay tuned for this little man’s six-month photo session coming soon!!

Blaha Fall Session | Family Photos | Santa Clarita, CA

I did a giveaway when Little Black Tulip’s Facebook page hit 100 likes. I did this adorable family session for our full session winner! Just so happens the young lady in these photos was in my little one’s kindergarten class! I had such a good time photographing, and this session produced some of my all time favorite photos!


Blaha Fall 2013 (44 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (28 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (1 of 1) copy

Blaha Fall 2013 (43 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (42 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (41 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (40 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (39 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (38 of 44)Blaha Fall 2013 (1 of 1)

Blaha Fall 2013 (37 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (36 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (32 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (31 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (30 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (29 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (35 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (34 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (33 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (27 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (26 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (25 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (24 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (1 of 1)-2Blaha Fall 2013 (20 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (23 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (22 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (19 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (18 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (21 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (17 of 44)Blaha Fall 2013 (14 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (16 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (15 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (13 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (12 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (6 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (11 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (10 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (1 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (9 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (8 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (7 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (5 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (4 of 44)

Blaha Fall 2013 (3 of 44) Blaha Fall 2013 (2 of 44)

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